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In-home services for children with speech, language, and feeding difficulties.
Wichita Falls, Sheppard AFB, Burkburnett and surrounding areas.

Kid with Digital Tablet
Baby Eating Food

Speech-Language Therapy

When people think of speech therapy, they often think of assessment and treatment of children who have difficulty saying sounds. Speech therapy DOES treat what we call "articulation" issues, but it is so much more! Speech/Language therapy can also benefit kids who are toddlers and not yet talking, children who may need the support of a communication (AAC) device, school age kids who need support to use age appropriate grammar, children who struggle with breaking down a task and following directions and more.  Communication is one of the main ways humans connect and when a child is having difficulty it can be challenging for the whole family. A skilled Speech-Language Pathologist can help support your child and family.

Feeding Therapy

When children are born, some struggle to eat orally. Some may have medical difficulties due to prematurity, some may struggle with breast or bottle feeding, and others may require a G-tube. Other children may eat orally without issues during infancy but have issues when textures are introduced or when asked to chew harder foods. Due to underlying diagnoses, some children will require support with feeding longer term. 

If mealtime is a struggle for you and your child for any reason, the expertise of a Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in feeding can help your family progress toward more peace and less stress.  

Every child is different, with different strengths, abilities, and needs. If your child is struggling in the areas above, please reach out. I am happy to guide you on whether or not your child could benefit from my services and expertise! 

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